Mastering the New Assembly Builder

Assembly Builder provides a quick and easy way to look into the visual breakdown of your project’s building assemblies. It allows you to compare and select building products and then customize, design, and share the construction assemblies with your entire team. This 45-minute session will walk you through everything you need to know to become an Assembly Builder power user - it will provide a deep dive into the feature, its components, and workflow. It will also introduce you to the new product database, MasterFormat classification, and assembly calculations with some extra tips and tricks to use assembly builder efficiently.



About the Speaker

Jayati Chhabra, a building performance researcher at cove.tool, is a graduate from Georgia Tech with a master’s degree in high-performance buildings. With a background in Architecture and a deep desire for sustainability and mitigating climate change, she is on a mission to find innovative solutions to improve the built environment for the better. She specializes in holistic building analysis and the focus of her research includes materials and carbon sequestration. Jayati is also associated with an eminent organization IBPSA-USA as the Director, promoting the science of building simulation.

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