Tech Talk - Multi-Family Housing

Designing Sustainable Multi-Family Housing

As climate change intensifies, housing instability will be increasingly under threat. To combat both of these critical issues, the building sector must look to more affordable housing options like multi-family developments and employ sustainable strategies to increase energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

Join us for a fireside chat with guest speaker, Ramana Koti, Senior Associate and Building Performance Analyst at Lord Aeck Sargent (LAS). In this discussion, we’ll explore a wide range of topics including affordable housing and climate risks; current trends in multi-family housing; energy efficient design strategies, and ideas to create more sustainable communities. Tune in January 20th at 4pm ET for this exciting session.



About the Host

Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder of cove.tool, brings her experience of working on over 200 high performance projects. Most recently, Sandeep presented at the UN environment assembly, with 1500 global delegates, on the impact of buildings on climate change, showcased at the Tedx Atlanta and won the Forbes 30 under 30 for developing cove.tool, the automated sustainability consultant.

With her desire to bring automation into the AEC world, she is pioneering the integration of data driven thinking into the design and construction process by developing and intelligent software.

Ramana Koti HeadShot

About the Guest Speaker

Ramana Koti is a Senior Associate responsible for building performance analysis at the architecture and planning firm Lord Aeck Sargent. He has 16 years of experience in assisting project teams with quantifying and improving energy and sustainability impacts of their designs. Ramana is a certified Building Energy Modeling Professional and a LEED Fellow and is an active participant in firm-level and industry-level sustainability fora.

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