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Using Data-Driven Design to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon

Integrating sustainable design practices into building projects isn't always an easy sell to owners and developers. It all comes down to the pitch to gain buy-in for design upgrades.

When Paul Halajian Architects started designing a 5,800 square foot office pavilion for Terranova Ranch, Inc., the client had not included any high-performance sustainability targets in the project requirements.

Using cove.tool's building performance platform, Project Architect Shaunt Yemenjian performed several analyses on possible improvements to reduce the EUI and further gauge the interest of the client. This data allowed the design team to delve into the possibilities of an enhanced design, communicate recommended design upgrades to the client, and make informed decisions to increase energy efficiency.

Learn how a conversation on strategies to meet the baseline 2030 target for energy reduction, quickly turned into the firm designing its first net-zero carbon project.

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