Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Your Projects

Reducing the Embodied Carbon of Your Projects

Embodied carbon (kgCO2e) is the carbon released from the total primary energy consumed during resource extraction, transportation, manufacturing, and product fabrication. Implementing data-driven solutions to better analyze their projects' carbon impact is a rapidly growing aspect of renovation projects. In this 60-minute session, we will showcase the workflow for your next project with embodied carbon and operational carbon and outline various methods through case studies on how to reach net-zero carbon. 


Nilesh Bansal (vertical)

About the Speaker

Nilesh is the Director of Sustainability at cove.tool. His primary focus is on product development, supporting research efforts and guiding the AEC industry in defining their organizational strategy for adopting sustainability as a key parameter to help them move towards data driven empirical design decision making. Nilesh strives to democratize Building Sciences for the masses, having a true impact in our fight against climate change. He also has a Master of Science Degree in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon and has served as a Sustainability Specialist on several large commercial projects.

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