The Impact of Leveraging Data and Technology 

Georgia Tech's multi-year, multi-phase Campus Center project will update the 1970’s Student Center building, originally meant for 7,000, to a campus hub that will accommodate over 23,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff. The Campus Center at Georgia Tech allows the university to redefine campus centers in terms of sustainability and performance. The integrated design-build team with Workshop, Cooper Carry, Newcomb and Boyd, Gilbane and Pattern r+d pushed the envelope in terms of setting stringent goals. To meet these goals, the team utilized cove.tool for an early-stage, data-driven design approach to win the work, optimize project costs, and reduce design revisions.

This case study will highlight how the integrated design-build team used cove.tool during the pursuit phase to complete early-stage design analysis, collaborate across the team in real-time, and identify a unique and cost-effective approach to finding the lowest carbon solution. Due to their use of a data-driven design process, they were able to not only win the work but ensure the project’s success with optimized project costs and reduced design revisions.

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